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Blue Pie is pleased to appoint Mark Haughton to the Business Development team
05 May 2010

Blue Pie is pleased to announce that we have appointed Mark Haughton to the Business Development Team. Mark is passionate about helping artists to achieve their goals and is a mentor for a number of artists in Victoria. Mark grew up on music from the 60’s and 70’s. Marks Father was in a band called the ” Boulevard ” so he was destined to follow a musical career from an early age. Has worked with bands like Primus, Atomic Kitten. Point Break, 911, Jonathan Wilks, Soul Unique, and Fierce to name a few. He has worked as a sound engineer on some of the UK’s biggest events and stadium shows and has a wealth of knowledge on how to help acts communicate more effectively with their target audience. We welcome Mark to the team and look forward to many long years of success.

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