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Blue Pie Is Proud To Announce The Appointment Of Rainy Davis
12 Feb 2010

Blue Pie is proud to announce the appointment of Rainy Davis to the Blue Pie USA Team as Director of Business Affairs and Content Acquisition for Blue Pie “The Americas”. Rainy is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, music publisher, producer and recording artist. She is also the founder and president of Rainysongs Entertainment, the digital musical label whose mission is to empower the indie artists and implement a new standard in recording deals benefiting every artist and label joining the roster.  Rainy will continue to forge new business relationships with creative and innovative technology companies globally. Rainysongs Entertainment is one of the first digital music labels owned by an African American Woman. You can read more about Rainy’s successful career in the Blue Pie USA Team section of the website. Rainy Davis will work with Damien Reilly, Jon Taber, Hellmut Wolf and Pete Warner to develop and grow Blue Pie’s expanding roster of international talent. With Rainy’s “A List ” telephone directory and her phone constantly ringing for songs to be written. Rainy will call on the production talents of Pete Warner, Damien Reilly and Hellmut Wolf to help her direct and develop some of Blue Pie’s brightest and emerging new stars for the greater North American markets. We are honored to have Rainy on the Blue Pie USA Team. For more information on Rainy Songs Entertainment please visit the website at

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