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Blue Pie lands the music supervisor role with
18 Jan 2011

Blue Pie lands the music supervisor role with a new leading independent film called ” Dealing with Destiny “. As Damien Reilly says: ” This is another great film project that the company will be working on with the films producer Mr Paul Condoleon and their production team at Track Down Studios in Sydney. Sam Pollard has already been selected to work on the opening song lyrics and write a special song for the films closing sequence and closing credits. We are working with Pack Screen and their CEO, Mr Peter Castaldi and the team at Pack Screens to get the film out by May / June 2011. A very exciting time for Blue Pie and our artists. Other artists that have been selected include Nelly Levon and The Devyl Nelly’s, Bleek, Dave Evans, Crow 7, Jord Allen, Dale Bozzio, Sarah Saunders and The Judes. Formal press and media releases will follow shortly.

For all the news on the film you can visit the films website at

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