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Blue Pie Loves YOU LICENSE
26 Nov 2010


We have been telling people about these guys for a few years now so we decided to send them some ” Digital Love “.

Apart from laughing and being extremely grateful for the testimonial these guys have truly been a great help in the global expansion of Blue Pie’s license success.

You can read our CEO Mr Damien Reilly’s quote here: “We are a affectionately known as a ” You License Crack Addict“.

We simply love this site and system. We use the site daily and it has now become a fixed part of our license team and their core business tools. I recommend this digital drug to any serious music player. This is crack for the music license professionals. You start to use this and you are hooked. These guys have developed a niche product and they are honest, trust worthy and truly look after the independent labels. I am so proud to shout from the top of any mountain that we use this company as our core back bone for our license infrastructure that I have offered them this unreserved lifetime quote for their marketing. Call me if you want my opinion. I am hooked and never getting off this drug.

We had an outage and the system was down for 2 hours. Like a bad addict when your dealer is away we cried and we got our fix in less than two hours.

The CTO of the company personally had laughing fits when I told him how addicted we are to his site.

To the World of indie labels: ……This is the business drug of the Independent Labels Music Future. WE DIG THIS MAN THIS SITE IS…. F(*&^%$ … Dope !

Check out the Blue Pie YOU LICENSE site here

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