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Blue Pie now digitally registers Sound Exchange rights for our artists, labels and content partners !
13 Sep 2013

Blue Pie now digitally registers all Sound Exchange  rights for our artists, labels and copyright owners.

We are very pleased to announce that Blue Pie has now commenced updating all artists and labels that are signed to exclusive agreements with Blue Pie, Blue Pie Records, Blue Pie Publishing, DJ Central Records and DJ Central Publishing. Blue Pie is using the ORDIOR  rights management ingestion tools and meta data readers to insure that all copyrights are correctly registered for air time payments for North America for any and all radio, web radio, satellite and digital radio networks.

If you would like to know more about what Sound Exchange does for you then please visit their website  .

Please note that all registration updates will be posted to the Blue Pie reports console for all content owners. See

For any and all information about this great new featured please email,au

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