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Blue Pie Partner up with Sugo Music!
17 Nov 2011

Exciting news has just rolled in from the USA, whereby a partnership between Blue Pie and Sugo Music has been formed!

We are very excited about this partnership, because it means big things for our catalogue and our Licensing team! Sugo Music’s 25,000+ strong catalogue features some amazing classical and ambient tracks that are sure to be a big hit for licensing partners and Itunes customers alike!

The Sugo Music archive embodies over 25,000 songs, hundreds of artists & labels, and 27 years of recording, licensing & distribution excellence. We’ve traveled the world to discover some of the most inspirational artists of our time featuring Grammy winners, platinum sellers, and some of the most respected musicians in the industry today! Their library is currently distributed to 72 countries, including China, and features the award-winning work of Executive Producer Stevan Pasero.

For more information on Sugo Music, head to their website at

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