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Blue Pie radio goes GLOBAL! Syndicast and international station attention!
23 Nov 2022

All of you out there in radio land, get excited! We are now syndicating our Blue Pie Radio Show with Syndicast. As a result, there are now 11 stations that have accepted our show on their station! This is a huge step up from our previous outings into the world of radio. We wanna blow up more speakers than just at the local level after all, as you can imagine! We’ve got all kinds of music that is sure to scratch every possible itch you guys could be having. But don’t take our word for it, check out these examples instead. They’re a few classics that we’ve played in the past on our show. This is the kinda heat you can catch when you tune in to any of the stations collaborating with us!

Syndicast’s service is to search for radio stations (FM, Online, DAB and Satellite) to find the ones that would like to broadcast their client’s show. As you can imagine, this means that Blue Pie Radio is playing across all kinds of different stations with all different genre needs, so it’s a good thing our catalogue has such variety to it, now isn’t it? International radio show syndication is the key to musical growth, and the key to building a global fanbase. You can check out Syndicast here at their website!

And if you’re curious about the 11 stations featuring us, well, first of all, 107.5 Orange FM never went anywhere, baby! We’re still rocking local radio like we always have been, and the folks at 107.5 have been great to us. So that leaves 10 more right? Those 10 are all international, hitting us up from places like Taiwan, Portugal, Australia, and the UK, and these 10 are all thanks to Syndicast! Check ’em out here.


DG 9:


Hits Dance:

Odyssey Radio:

Ocean City Radio:

Radio Lumena:

Starter FM:

Taiwan-Lounge Radio:

Playing Radio:

Radio 46.5:

It’s pretty exciting to be so far-reaching, and we’re very grateful to Syndicast for helping us maintain both a local AND international radio presence! All over the world, people are listening to the music we wanna bring to you, and it’s vindicating that people are loving it.

But today we want to ask you, the readers – what are YOUR favourites from our catalogues? We want to know! We wanna feature them on all these awesome stations. But we need the voice of the people to get up in here! We may branch out to DJ Central content too at some point. Who wants some hip hop and EDM? I can think of a few people who would be happy!

Click here to browse the Blue Pie catalogue, and click here to check out some of DJ Central’s popular compilations. Have a browse – don’t be afraid to check out recent news stories on our sites for hot new releases, or the Youtube channels of either Blue Pie or DJ Central, where all our freshest music videos can be found. Take your time. Found a favourite or two? Hopefully, because we have an email and Skype line ready to go! Send in those requests ASAP. If you want a song from our catalogues to be played on our show, just Skype us or email us:

Use the subject line/opening message “RE: Blue Pie Radio Song Request” or “RE: DJ Centrak Radio Song Request”. Our radio managers will keep their ear to the ground and see what sort of stuff you guys are craving to listen to!

All different genres are crossing over for an eclectic night of musical magic with the MCs Mighty and Pyrite, as well as the legendary mix man himself, Gabe Rizza. Blue Pie’s catalogue brings all manner of acoustic and rock hits among some other spicy stuff, while the essential DJ Central has hip hop and EDM covered. We’re proud to present the favourite music you didn’t even know you had yet – now, on a GLOBAL SCALE! We’re riding this wave hard and we’re loving it. We hope all of you across the world are too – and if you are, you have Syndicast to thank for expanding our reach!

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