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Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records expands its digital footprint into China adding over 100 + new digital retailers and networks including the top 3 players QQ Music + TEN CENT + Baidu!!!
29 Nov 2017

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our digital footprint into China. With the help of Raz B and the team in our Shenzhen office in China we now have over 100 digital outlets and media partners that our artists and labels can now access via Blue Pie.

As Raz B – CEO for DJ Central China says:

“Team work is the name of the game here in China. It has taken my team over 12 months to build the local market connections and complete the agreements and we are seeing some incredible results.

We are booking tours for our roster of artists on DJ Central and the Blue Pie classical and EDM catalogues are gaining more and more exposure.

China is a rapidly growing market and one that is embracing copyright protection on a large scale. We are right there in the middle of it all, making some new partnerships that will see our companies offering unique copyright protection services to the global music markets.

A huge note of thanks goes out to the team in Moss Vale, Australia who work non stop to get these relationships and contracts in place. Another huge note of thanks goes out to all the artists on DJ Central that promote the label everyday across all their social media accounts.

We are just beginning in China and 2018 will be a massive year for all of us here at DJ Central Records and DJ Central TV. Stay tuned and remember to watch all the latest episodes in Season 5 of DJ Central TV here:

If you would like to know more about how Blue Pie and DJ Central can help grow new markets for your music then email – send through your music links and contact details so the team can develop some recommendations for you to gain exposure into the greater China music markets.

Official Links:


  • A2Live
  • Cantara Global
  • Yandex China
  • Alibaba
  • China Mobile Music Services | China Mobile
  • \看见音乐 KANJIAN
  • NOW
  • 小米音乐 Xiaomi Music
  • 咪咕音乐 Migu Music (中国移动 China Mobile)
  • 爱音乐 iMusic (中国电信 China Telecom)
  • 中国联通 China Unicom
  • 京东 JD Music (JingDong)
  • QQ音乐 QQ Music [over 800 million users]
  • 虾米音乐 Xiami Music
  • 天天动听 TTPOD
  • 网易云音乐 163 Music
  • 百度音乐 Baidu Music
  • 多米音乐 Duomi Music
  • 酷狗 Kugou [over 800 million users]
  • 酷我 Kuwo
  • 顶真唱片 Discjam
  • 华数 Wasu TV
  • 豆瓣 Douban
  • 荔枝 Lizi FM
  • 线下 KTV (MV Only)
  • 音悦台 Yinyuetai (MV Only)
  • 今日头条 Toutiao (MV Only)
  • VIVO
  • Moov
  • Soliton
  • Mymusic (ezPeer)
  • Omusic
  • Heart Music
  • Jeou Tai
  • Walkgame
  • Chunghwa Telecom
  • MusicGo
  • Taiwan Mobile
  • Vibo Telecom
  • yoyorock
  • Asia Pacific Telecom
  • FETnet
  • Vibo Telecom
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