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Blue Pie Records Busy Winning Licensing Placements !
04 Apr 2013

The Blue Pie licensing team have been very busy landing new placements in a number of TV Shows, computer games, documentaries and and feature films. Here are just some of the placements we secured in the 1st Quarter of 2013!

  • Sky Light Games featured Blue Pie band, ‘The Manhattan Syndrome’ with their popular single, ‘Cold Company‘.
  • Australian surf flick ‘Barnacles and Stripes’ showcased two songs from the hit alternative Melbourne act, ‘Sydonia’.  It shows their HUGE hit songs, ‘Ocean of storms‘ and ‘No Woman’s land‘. You can learn more about Sydonia through their official band page:
  • Corporate CD compilation titled ‘Glenn Marley’ featured the ‘Sunny Neji‘ song, ‘Prisoner of Love’. Check out his single for yourself on YouTube!
  • The ‘Glen Marley’ compilation also features Blue Pie artists; ‘The Devyl Nellys‘ with their hit, ‘Settle’.
  • Various artists from ‘Blue Pie’ and ‘Idyllium Records‘ Italy showcase music licensed to their retail stores for in-store promotion across Asia.
  •  Blue Pie Pianist and singer/songwriter ‘Sam Pollard’ created a self-made documentary and theme song both titled, ‘World Of Difference‘, raising awareness for the charity organisation ‘Reclink Australia’.
  • TV show DJ Central showcases Blue Pie pop star ‘Suzanna Lubrano‘ with her hit song, ‘Loving You Forever‘. The song has now become the theme for DJC. It is now licensed to all partners for global promotional use in all TV commercials. Visit the official DJ Central webpage for more at:
  • Planet Blue Pictures USA licensed various from Blue Pie’s catalogue for the company corporate show reel. Check out the reel on YouTube!
  • ‘La Femme C’est Mysterie’ the flick features Blue Pie rap artist ‘Pimp Daddy Nash’ with his self-produced and written themed hit, ‘La Femme‘.
  • The TV ‘Jere Vainikka‘ webisode features both the ‘Neon Dawn’ track titled, ‘The Magic That Was‘ and the ‘Barry Crocker’ song titled, ‘Come On The Cats‘.

If you would like to know more about how Blue Pie and how the Blue Pie License Team can help you to generate more sales of your music through FILM and TV + CABLE shows then please email

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