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Blue Pie Records & our resident Psychobilly Rebels “Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent” journey to the deep dark recesses of Hamilton... THE FINAL FRONTIER!
20 Feb 2015

Glittery curtains, bubbles, fascinating chat about stuff, a stuffed goose and The Creeping Bent Orchestra. This is the Cadillac Bill Show. The show is a Hamilton Canada, based variety show that is entertaining, unusual and informative. It covers many types of topics but usually off-beat subject matter in a unique style. The show is about all aspects of Hamilton life. From music to paranormal investigations, from car shows to U.F.O.s, Hammercity Roller Girls to Dungeon Divas. The Cadillac Bill Show delves deep into the odd and sublime underbelly of Hamilton. It’s not really a comedy, but it is funny. Musical guests have included Ginger St. James, Tom Wilson, Robert Gordon, Jack Pedler and Anvil.

The Blue Pie Music License team will be working with the shows production team to provide music supervision and the addition of a kick ass sound library to give the show an extra sonic charge. Thanks go to the Blue Pie team in Canada and LA for landing this great opportunity and the incredible music talents of Mr Ross Tonkin from ConcertHouse Music. Ross had the great vision and foresight to bring the show to the attention of Blue Pie and now the rest is music history.

You can check out all the news on the show here + get your sonic blasting of Blue Pie Records music supervisor skills:

The Cadillac Bill Show is distributed exclusively by Planet Blue Pictures for the world.

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