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Blue Pie Records pay our respects to Renee Geyer
17 Jan 2023

Blue Pie Records staff were saddened today to hear of the passing of Renee Geyer. Aged 69, she died peacefully due to lung cancer complications after a recent hip surgery, and the music world is shocked. An Australian icon, Renee was known for her very distinct vocal style, a smoky and soulful voice that turned heads all across Australia and across the world. As an Australian music company, we felt the need to contribute our wishes to those who were close to her, as well as all who are mourning her passing.

If our readers wished to know more about this most unfortunate occurrence, we recommend the ABC article on the subject.

All of us at Blue Pie, as well as DJ Central, Ordior, and associated companies, wish Renee Geyer’s loved ones the best for the sorrowful days to come, and would like to encourage her fans to appreciate the wonderful demonstrations of vocal and musical talents that she left as her legacy to us.

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