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Blue Pie & Rock Energy Music Announce "Soft Launch" Concerts
19 Nov 2009

Blue Pie and Rock Energy Music kick it up a notch and announce the ” Soft Launch ” concerts for Sydney and Melbourne. The concerts will be on the 9th and 10th of December and will feature an all star line up from the Blue Pie roster of artists. For all the details please remember to check back regularly at the Blue Pie website and our My Space pages. You can find out all you need to know about Rock Energy Drinks and their cool new ROCK ENERGY DRINK at

Rock Energy Music Store is the digital music and entertainment store for Rock Energy Drinks. Every customer that purchases Rock Energy Drinks gets rewarded with music. Buy ROCK and you get ROCK MUSIC. It is that simple. The Australian store launches on the 7th December 2009 with soft launch concerts in Sydney and Melbourne. The India store launches late January 2009 with major concerts and shows in key clubs. The official “Soft Launch” will be in Hydrabad India. Stadium concerts are planned for INDIA from March 2009 onwards. For more information on the store and Rock Energy Drinks please visit the websites at + The store is powered by Blue Pie and the Blue Pie catalogue. For more information on Blue Pie visit

With extensive development and research we bring you ROCK energy drinks. ROCK energy drinks will increase physical endurance, improve reaction speed and concentration, increase your mental alertness and help to eliminate waste substances from the body. Together, the ingredients including Guarana and Ginkgo can boost metabolism, blood circulation and the central nervous system. ROCK Energy Drink helps the body break down toxins and give it a fresh supply of energy it needs quickly and effectively. ROCK Energy Drinks are ideal for those who want to feel awake. ROCK is available in 250ml cans individually or in 4 packs as well as 330ml bottles individually or in 4 packs. Sugar FREE ROCK coming soon, same great taste, no sugar, same energy!

Beverage Holdings manufactures a range of premium alcoholic beverages, energy drinks and a number of OEM products for various clients. The company currently distributes products in more than 9 countries. Beverage Holdings is an Australian owned company. To find out more about our products please check out our on-line catalogue.


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