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Blue Pie scores the music supervisor role for 3 independent films
27 Sep 2010

Blue Pie scores the music supervisor role for 3 independent films. The latest music project for the Blue Pie license team includes the creation of a new ” Hit Bound ” sound track for

The film was produced by Mark Hembrow and directed by one of Australia’s greatest directors Mr David Hannay. You can visit the website for all the latest on the film here – The new sound track will feature many of the Blue Pie artists including: Total Karnage, Sam Pollard, Nat Viola, Southpaw, Sahra, Dave Sharp, Mr Erik Simins AKA Mr Cool, The Judes, and many others. Formal news and media announcements will follow in the coming week.

As Damien Reilly says:  “This is a great win for the license team and the company. We have a solid catalogue and the depth and diversity of the catalogue along with our production skills was what won the job. In reality the artists are the ones that have to be thanked, and my team that worked hard on the building of the relationships with the producer and director of the film. We are very honoured to be working with Mark Hembrow, David Hannay and Leyla Hembrow. A special note of thanks goes to Caine Mitchell for working around the clock to get this completed. Our resident guru of sound Michael Horsphol will be playing and filling in all the gaps with his fantastic sound scapes that he creates.”

For all the news on the film you can visit the film site and for more information on the Blue Pie license team you can email

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