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Blue Pie Signs Children’s Entertainer, Steve Elci
18 Oct 2011

Blue Pie Records is doing a little dance of excitement after signing fantastic children’s entertainer Steve Elci. His unique stylings have been given the nickname “Edutainment”. Edutainment is “learning through music”. Kids and adults come to dance and have fun at his shows. They are so immersed in having a good time; they don’t even realize they are leaving with a lesson.

Steve Elci’s willingness to perform knows no boundaries; the stage is the ultimate place for him to express himself. When he performs, it is a chance for him to connect with the audience and interact with them through original songs, educational messages and fun creative dance steps. No gig is too small or too big and they are all equally important to him.

“Steve Elci is a songwriting machine with the chops and creativity to comfortably establish his own hooks” – Rick Koster, Arts Columnist/Reporter for The Day Paper.

In 2004 Steve Elci recorded a song titled “Submarine Town,” which played a part in the Save the Groton CT Submarine Base political campaign. In May of 2005, New York Times reporter Bill Yardley wrote about Steve in an article called “Hey, Didn’t the Beatles Sing about a Submarine?

Now in 2011, Steve has placed second in the ‘John Lennon International Songwriting Contest’ with the song “Bicycle” and released children’s album “Vowels” and won the ‘Parents Choice Award’.

Blue Pie is thrilled to have an artist of this calibre on the label.

To find out more about Steve Elci go HERE!

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