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Blue Pie Sync Team Strikes Gold with Dr Orlando Owah's "Alantere Pt 1" in the new Human Worldwide Documentary !
20 Feb 2024

We are pleased to announce a major triumph for the Blue Pie Sync team as they successfully secured a sync license placement for the iconic track “Alantere Pt 1” by Dr Orlando Owah. This significant achievement comes in collaboration with Human Worldwide, the acclaimed specialist music licensing company. Human Worldwide has always championed music’s ability to inspire. They have crafted soundtracks for stories told across advertising, broadcast, film, and digital media, with services ranging from composition to sound design, and from supervision to audio post with our newly minted sister company, Post Human.

“Alantere Pt 1,” a gem from Dr Orlando Owah’s extensive catalog, has found a new home in the upcoming documentary produced by Human Worldwide.

A household name in Nigeria, Dr. Orlando Owoh enjoyed a durable popularity that has cut across generational lines in his home country and beyond. He led groups such as the Omimah Band, the Young Kenneries, and the African Kenneries International and was known for his reinvention of existing genres and trends and his stand against the establishment. The Blue Pie Records Production team worked over 8 months to restore, resmaster and create the Dr Orlando archive that you can see here Working “Daisi” Dr Orlando’s son and the Dr Orlando estate the team digitally restored all of his late fathers artwork, images and general media.

We are all excited to seeing and hearing how Human Worldwide utilises the iconic track “Alantere Pt 1” in the documentary.

The Blue Pie Sync team is known for their dedication to connecting exceptional music with visual content and continues to forge successful partnerships within the industry. This achievement highlights their proficiency in navigating the intricate world of sync licensing and reinforces their commitment to promoting outstanding musical talent.

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