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Blue Pie teams up with AyeLook Records to release LarryLe and his hot new song
02 May 2012

Blue Pie teams up with AyeLook Records to release LarryLe and his new album and singles. There are a lot of hip-hop artists out there trying to make their mark in the entertainment industry, and LarryLe is one who stands out among the rest. He has the look, attitude, and talent that follows him and demands attention everywhere his music is heard.


Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Larry“Le”Crump is the youngest of 3 children. Music has always been a big influence in his life. He joined Band class in the 7th grade where he began studying and learning to read music, music, which he now writes himself.

Since then LarryLe has had an extensive career within the music scene, having attended the Performing Arts Camp directed by film producer Craig Brewer, volunteering at Memphis radio station 88.5, along with working alongside other artists such as Joe “Yung Spike”.

When asked about his ability to create and perform his work he has said “I always keep my spirits high and keep a clear mind when listening or creating music, so I can keep it original.” His songs, such as “Polo” of his new album titled “Polo”, have been donned cleverly written and catchy, much like the work of his inspirations Baby, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Ditty, Drake, 3-6 Mafia, Yo Gotti, Tupac, B.I G., and Bones Thugs N Harmony.

To check out the new release “Polo” and all of LarryLe’s other work, head to:

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