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Blue Pie Teams Up With Planet Blue Pictures!
30 Sep 2011
Look out Hollywood! Blue Pie has teamed up with the amazing film company Planet Blue Pictures.
Blue Pie is pleased to announce a new strategic aliance with Planet Blue Pictures. The team of Planet Blue Pictures includes some of the biggest names and industry leaders in Hollywood today. The Blue Pie team will be working with the Planet Blue Pictures team that includes industry leaders like Steven Ray, Larry Bortles, Jon Taber, Deron Johnson and David Murray to name a few.
These amazing men and a cast of thousands will be working hard to bring some of the best talent that world has ever seen and yet to discover, to the big screen, on this fantastic blue planet that we all share.
As Blue Pie CEO, Damien Reilly, says:
“This is a great oppirtunity for Australia and our trading partner, the USA. We look forward to many long decades of success with the Planet Blue Pictures team. Its a very exciting time for our company.”
Formal press and media announcements to follow. Check out the new Planet Blue Pictures website!”
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