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Blue Pie to work with HP!
29 Sep 2012

The Blue Pie License Team is extremely pleased to announce that multinational hardware and software corporation Hewlett Packard have agreed to come on board as a new client. The deal means that HP will play music by Blue Pie Artists in 5000 of their stores throughout Asia.

The license team have worked tirelessly to secure this deal and the immeasurable exposure of Blue Pie artists throughout the Asian market will be extremely beneficial to our label.

Activate were blown away with the quality of the Blue Pie catalogue and the label’s support for the artists it represents. They were also pleased with the easy methods of licensing the catalogue and are looking forward to promoting the artists under the Blue Pie label.

This deal with HP has left Blue Pie very excited by the potential for success in the Asian market and we are looking forward to working with them in the near future.

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