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Blue Pie to work with the Adopt A Pensioner Campaign
16 Jun 2011

Blue Pie will be working with Barry Crocker and the Adopt-A-Pensioner Campaign with its upcoming film release of The Argues.

This comes after Barry Crocker’s meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to discuss propositions for the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign, which he is heavily involved in. Amongst his propositions, the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign will now be working with THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE, encouraging Australians to Adopt-A-Pensioner by taking a pensioner to the movie for free!

After pitching the idea of the ‘take a pensioner to THE ARGUES for free’ campaign to Ms Gillard, she responded: “That is a fantastic idea and a great thing to do. Congratulations!”

So go ahead and Adopt-A-Pensioner to take your pensioner to see THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE for free! A big thank you to Barry Crocker for his dedicated work with the pensioners.

To find out more about The Argues film, visit:

Or you can download Barry Crocker’s song Pensioner, and you will be contributing to a great cause:

Dates for all session will be available on the website from August.

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