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Blue Pie USA has record quarter with license placements
12 Feb 2010

The Blue Pie USA office has one of the biggest quarters and closes 2009 with a record month. With over 100 FILM, TV, YouTube and AD placements being secured for December alone. If you want to have your music licensed into FILM, TV and CABLE TV shows then you need to email and get the Blue Pie Social Networking and License Team that is headed up by our very own “Suzanne Carey ” in our US office onto the case. They work non stop to get these great placements and will be happy to get you and your music into feature shows like the “Castle” , “Desperate House Wives” and “Greys Anatomy”. If you are watching these shows then at some time during the course of the show you will be hearing some Blue Pie artists. Thanks again to the Social Networking and License Teams from everyone here in Sydney. You do a great job every day!

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