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Blue Pie welcomes Dave Sharp and the Dave Sharp Secret Seven
02 Aug 2010


Blue Pie welcomes Dave Sharp and The Dave Sharp Secret Seven to our Jazz Roster. Dave is a legend in the world of Jazz Bass in both electric and double bass formats. Dave Sharp’s Secret Seven is “World Jazz for the Jazz World”, transcending musical, national and ethnic boundaries by re-interpreting, not fusing, influences from Africa, Asia, the Latin world, Blue Note Jazz, and that other planet, New Orleans. Dave’s new CD, “7,” (Vortex Jazz Recordings 1969) brings stunning energy to instrumental jazz, including original tunes like Africano (Afro-Beat), Skeleton Key (Rhumba) and Crispy Underground (New Orleans Funk). Dave is the former MELVIN’S’ bassist and his band ” The Dave Sharp Secret Seven ” features tenor saxophonist  Chris Kaercher (THE TEMPTATIONS, O’JAYS, FOUR TOPS, ARETHA FRANKLIN).  Rounding out the Secret Seven sound are drums and percussion by Eric “Chucho ” Wilhelm, and Dale Grisa on Hammond B3 organ and piano. Dave has made a great connection with Damien Reilly and Serge Ermoll and there are already some great remix’s in the works now with Petros and the Petrophonic Studio team. We are truly honoured to have Dave and his global network now a part of the Blue Pie Jazz Roster. With greats now like Serge Ermoll and Dave Sharp working together anything is possible. As Damien Reilly says ” Dave is possibly one of the world true bass legends that is now connecting to larger audiences. I am very glad we have been able to work out an agreement to have Dave and his talents find a new home here with Blue Pie. Dave and the Blue Pie Marketing Team will be working hard to secure license sales and drive the album “7” to the world to let this great music find its natural musical home. Even if you are not a Jazz fan this album is something that you can put on and chill out on a Saturday afternoon and have everyone comment on how Cooooollll the music is that you are playing to them. I know this from 1st hand experience. Check out the new media we are creating. The Blue Pie team will be working hard to get the name “Dave Sharp and the Secret 7 ” out to the four corners of the globe. For more information on Dave and his cool sounds you can check out his website at 

About the new Dave Sharp and The Secret Seven CD ” 7″
The new CD “7’ features a wide array of musical talent from across the US including:
•Andre Frappier (guitarist for NE-YO)
•Sean Ike (vocalist for the Elevations in Detroit)
•Alex Anest (guitarist for Delta 88)
•Kris Kurzawa (guitarist for Zap Toro)
•Ross Huff (trumpeter for the Macpodz)
•John Churchville (tabla for Sumkali)
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