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Blue Pie welcomes Jill Stewart to the Licensing Team!
29 Oct 2011

Blue Pie is very pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Stewart as the new Global Licensing Manager!

Jill joins us from Brisbane where you are very likely find her at a dirty pub listening to a local band. Prior to joining Blue Pie, she consulted and licensed several short films and two Features, one of which recently signed off on a distribution deal in Australia and is now in Cinemas, the other has been nominated for Best Feature Film at Toronto Film Festival. Jill has a vast and eclectic knowledge of both independent and mainstream artists, with a passion for Australian Indie music. With her daily scrawl through music blogs, street press and Myspace she is constantly researching new acts around the world. Recently she has Music Consulted for Director – Tori Garrett on multi-platform FOX 8 Tv Series ‘Slide’. There are now talks of a soundtrack being released from the Slide TV Series, which would showcase mostly Brisbane artists.

In her past she has also worked as a Production Manager at Brisbane Production House Two Little Indians. During this time she organized and managed the production of TVC’s working with such companies as: The Mantra Group, Heritage Bank and Nintendo. She often used her skills as a Music Supervisor to help consult Directors and Producers on music in commercials. Jill is also skilled in using Pro-tools rigs, working as a Sound Designer and Foley Artist at Brisbane based Post company LCR sound for a year as a freelance artist. It is here she worked on several Australian features and documentaries.

Jill often wastes away her life perusing music blogs, watching live videos on Youtube of the bands she would die to see and generally Music Supervising all gatherings she attends. Some may see this as excessive but we are honoured to have Jill as part of the Blue Pie Team!

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