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Blue Pie welcomes Johnny Bennett to the team!
06 Jul 2012

We are very excited to welcome Johnny Bennett to the Blue Pie Business Development Team!

Already a Blue Pie artist, with a lifetime of musical experience, Johnny has opened for many iconic acts including Pat Benatar, The Doobie Brothers, Spoon, Dr. John, Simple Minds and more. He is a seasoned professional and is always welcomed on the touring circuits in the U.S.

Johnny in recent times has been lending his skills to help mentor and guide younger artists, it was through building his online brand with Kieran from Blue Pie that the opportunity presented itself to Johnny to become part of the team.

He has had much praise for his music by magazines such as Classic Rock Magazine and Uber Rock Magazine. His album “Gone Missing” was named #2 for the 2011 album of the year in Uber Rock Magazine.

Johnny will be working alongside Kieran Wicks to open up new markets in the United States.

We look forward to many long decades of success with Johnny!

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