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Blue Pie works on radio campaign for Khylune!
29 Jun 2012

Khylune definitely brings something to the table that is fresh and unique! Driven by the belief that song writing is never unfashionable and classic is considered so for a reason, it is obvious that his passion is authentic and shines through in his music!

Just last year, he released his album “Love Found Me”, which features tracks including “Don’t Hate The Game”, “Love Found Me” and “Made To Last”.

The album is quite versatile, ranging from slow piano ballads to more exuberant Latin beats, so there are no dull moments!

Khylune also released his beautiful single “Unusual Way” in November, which can be found on iTunes.

Currently we are working on a radio campaign to promote his music worldwide. So be sure to request your favourite Khylune songs on your favourite radio stations!

For more information on Khylune, visit his website and check out his official blog!

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