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Blue Pie's Peter Castaldi works with the Australian Film Initiative 2011
19 Apr 2011

Peter Castaldi from the Blue Pie team has helped present the introduction to the ‘Welcome to India’ Australian Film Initiative 2011. Playing a large role in the initiative as Co-Director, Peter Castaldi presents the happenings of the Australian Film Festival of India, which touched down in Mumbai in March this year.

The five-day festival ran from 23rd March and was a celebration of some of Australia’s finest film releases of 2010. Mumbai has become the film-making capital of the world for Bollywood film and is now seen as an ideal world to export and promote Australian film.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube!

The festival marries together the celebration of Australia’s finest film releases of 2010, along with conferences and summits to help reinvigorate and prosper the Australian film industry, through exporting their talents to areas such as Mumbai and the U.S.

Peter Castaldi has worked with Blue Pie for a number of years, and is part of Blue Pie’s Business Development Team. With this in hand, he has grown to embrace greater opportunities in the world of film and development of this creative industry.

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