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Bobby Polhemus of Bobby and of the Teemates released novel titled "Lay My Guitar Down Gently"!
22 May 2012

At 68 years of age, there’s still no stopping Bobby Polhemus of the Teemates. Despite still performing live shows after being in the music industry for almost five decades, Robert Polhemus has decided to branch out into new fields of interest by beginning his career as a writer.

“Lay My Guitar Down Gently: Where the Dream to Become a Rock Legend Often Leads to Self Destruction” is a heartfelt novel that allows its audience to feel the pain, sufferings, and joys of of the protagonist, Blue Pie’s very own Polhemus.

“Lay My Guitar Down Gently” is an incredible piece of work, it completely exposing rock music for all of its triumphs and pitfalls.

The novel is available for purchase on Amazon, it being sold in the forms of paper-back and a Kindle Edition. 

So make sure to check out the incredible piece of work by Robert Polhemus of Bobby of the Teemates. We loved it here at the office, and we’re certain that you will too.

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