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Bowling nights for the team across the world! Australia and LATAM both hit the town!
03 Aug 2022

Our Argentinian LATAM team grows ever-more! We have around 20 people working over there now, and Tyler from our Australian team is also over there visiting our sister office. Growing closer like this is a cause for celebration, so what better way to live it up than to hit the lanes and go out for a bowling night?! This was the line of thinking that led us in the Australian office to go out and have some fun, so that’s exactly what happened. Here are a few select moments.

Funnily enough, LATAM thought exactly the same thing, so on two different continents across the world, both Blue Pie/DJ Central teams went out bowling!

Needless to say, the fun times rolled just as smoothly as a well-bowled ball, and some hidden talents were revealed as people you might not have expected to be as good as they were scored strike after strike after strike! It’s not often in this busy, self-sufficient world that we get time to just blow off some steam, so when it happens, it’s an occasion worth remembering… which is exactly what we’ll be doing with this article once it’s live: going back and rereading it for some nostalgia, and looking forward to the future for all the good times that are yet to come! We have plenty of things planned, and plenty of ways in mind that we can take a break, so we’re gonna work hard and play harder!

The Latin American team have also been working just as hard of course, and the fun they have planned for themselves is sure to help them make the most out of their work/play balance. Of course, with around 20 people in the office over there, they’ll have no trouble getting all hands on deck for whatever goals they strive for next… and that’s where you, reader, might come in. If you’re in Latin America and are looking for work, you may be excited to learn that the team would love to hear from you… just check it out below.

But until next time, we’re all gonna work our hardest and bowl our best, no matter where we are in the world! And there’s plenty of fun times still to be had on the horizon.

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