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Brigitte Stolk to perform at 'The Moods' in Paris
07 Jun 2012

Brigitte Stolk is a multi-facetted artist, who’s been compared to such artists like Aalyiah, Tamia and Janet Jackson. She’s been described by Patricia MailleCaire, in a French national newspaper, as “the feline who turned into music”. We are very excited to announce that she has been invited to perform at ‘The Moods’ in Paris in June.

Brigitte will also be performing on June 9th, in a musical program for a French TV Network that will air on several channels including: M6 MUSIC HIT, M6 MUSIC DANCE, M6 MUSIC BLACK, MTV.FR, NRJ HIT, Just 4 Talent. Early in July she will also be releasing two brand new tracks “New Birth” and “Whatever”, so keep your eyes pealed for those two newbies.

Concert information: Venue: The Mood’s

Time: 8:30 pm on

Date: June 19th.

For more information visit and make sure you include all your details and one of our team members will get back to you.

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