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Brother Lou's Latest Album In The Works !
07 Feb 2013

Hello all and ‘Happy New Year!’ It has been an extraordinarily busy couple of months for Blue Pie artist Brother Lou, who is happy we all made it to 2013!!

Brother Lou is starting the year off working on a third full length CD, and will be recording and promoting this CD self-titled as Lou Dominguez.

Lou states, “I am working on crafting a new set of songs with more focussed lyrics, while exploring new finger style guitar techniques, and so far I am happy with the results. I am hoping to share some music with you soon, and I wish you all an excellent 2013!!!!
Cheers, Lou Dominguez”

Blue Pie Records is excited to announce that this new album is now confirmed and in the works! We are all looking forward to a release date later this year!

Check out all the latest details direct from Brother Lou through his Official Page!

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