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Burning the Day burns down the walls to win the Canadian Indie Week band comp!
06 Dec 2012

October has been a fortuitous month for the Canadian Hard-core/Metal band, Burning the Day with their win in the 2012 Canadian Indie Week competition. 300 bands across Canada competed in Toronto through live performance for one week, judged by top industry professionals. Burning the Day won an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland where they are invited to perform in various showcases for Indie Week Ireland in April 2013. The boys will then be heading to the UK, Europe and Germany to tour.


Burning the Day was conceived in 2004 by Chris Gillespie and drummer Matt Metcalfe, followed closely by renown and brilliant Guitarist Braden Joey. Finding inspiration in such bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pantera, Burning The Day are often compared to the likes of Lamb of God and are known for their loyal fans.


The acclaimed kings of metal in Toronto pack out all venues when they play. You can download any of their three albums from iTunes and get to understand just how hot these guys are. Their latest single “Buried Beneath” is out now on iTunes for the world. Look out world because the day just got a little hotter.


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