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Burning The Day get all Apple'd UP and get ready to dominate the GLOBE !
09 May 2012

The Official Burning The Day Application is the only thing you’ll need to access everything Burning The Day. Check out the band’s upcoming tour dates, scroll through fan photos or upload your own with real-time sync, view the band’s discography and buy your favorite songs on iTunes.

As well, you’ll get all the latest news, photos and videos including blogging and tweeting directly from the band members.



Burning The Day is a trash/metalcore band from Toronto, Ont Canada. The band formed in 2004 by three friends whose bands had just ended, leaving Matt Metcalfe (drums), Braden Hoey (guitars), and Chris Gillespie (vox) wanting to create a metal band which became Burning The Day. Soon after the writing began, Dan Rodbard joined on bass from the small town of Alliston, Ont. A year later Dan was to be replaced by Mike Cohen, a bass player and friend from the T.O metal scene. Over the next 5 years the band released 3 albums; In Fall She Sleeps (2006), Dawn Of Thorns (2008), and Blacklisted (2009). BTD toured Canada and the U.S extensively which helped them grow a dedicated fan base, especially in T.O where they have sold out many venues.


They have also opened up for major bands including: Soilwork, Bring Me The Horizon, The Black Dhalia Murder, Throwdown, Ion Dissonance, Beneath The Massacre, Bury Your Dead, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Threat Signal, Nights Like These, Ringworm, Next to join the BTD family was Steve Mitchell on drums to replace Matt who is now BTD’s 2nd Guitarist. This change was a plan for a while, to find the best drummer in the country and to have a 2nd guitar to fill out the sound which it did.


In 2010 3 of BTD’s members decided to call it quits leaving Matt (guitar), and Steve (drums) wondering what to do. They decided to find new players to help BTD stay alive. In late 2011, after a few auditions the band was back with new members Maxim Shelkov (guitars) from a Richmond Hill based metal band called BRANE, Dimitri Skribans (bass) from a T.O based metal band called 7th Cell , and Cesar Silva (vox) from a Brampton based metal band called Your Last Sunrise. All three of them were friends of BTD from the metal scene in T.O and it is amazing to see BTD back with the talent, comradery, and sound it once had. Matt Metcalfe has written 90% of BTD’s music, which is good he didn’t quit the band so they could keep their original sound.


In 2011 BTD dropped their 3rd and by far the hardest and most definitive sounding album for the original line up. Black Listed continues to do incredible business for the band and constantly generates license business on a global basis. The album was well received by both fans and even its hardest critics, with all hailing this as the band’s best by far.


In 2012 BTD feel they are ready to conquer the world as they had planned before. They are very excited about the new material they are writing and new friendship they have all bonded with each other. BTD will be releasing their 4th record in late summer/fall and plan to head overseas to tour Europe and Australia for the first time and finally reach out to their fans in these locations. BTD is a band that will never stop trying to achieve their goals and dreams, write and record metal music, and play shows wherever, and whenever they can.


BTD would like to thank all the fans who have stuck around since the beginning and through the struggles, and welcome any new fans with open arms to come join them in the pit to help them keep doing what they do.


Burning the Day have been working hard with the Blue Pie license and marketing teams to land many license placements for X Games promotion videos and Xtreme sports bands. Burning the Day are a Blue Pie artist and are out now on Blue Pie for the world.

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Burning the Day are available on iTunes for the world, Click Here:


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