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Burning the Day have just joined Music for Good on Reverbnation!
30 Jun 2014

Hardcore rockers from Toronto have just signed up for Music For Good on ReverbNation. This means that HALF of their sales from songs will be donated to Sweet Relief.

Naw, we knew they were sweeties at heart!

Currently ranked number 36 on ReverbNation’s Metal charts, Burning the Day are killing it with their latest music. The band is host to an extreme sound that is raw, punchy and ready to get you rockin’. From their recent EP, Metamorphsis, the track F Your Cancer is dramatic and full of melting basey vibes. The epic track creates the scorching sound scape that takes you into a whole new world. The crazy lyrics are evocotave and emotional, with the screaming guitar wailing throughout the piece, this is definitely a track for the metal heads out there!

“Burning the day sound like a band right on the edge of making it big. With catchy hooks, radio ready songs to appeal to appeal to the massess, and occasional moments for brute force they have all the qualities needed to breakthrouogh into today’s mainstream metal scene.”

The_Avante_Guard –

For those who haven’t heard of Sweet Relief before, it’s an organisation that aims to help musicians in the tough industry. Their Mission is to provide “financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. In other words, Healing Musicians in Need. We all have received so much out of music, it’s time to give a little back!” Check out their website for more info

Check out Burning The Day’s ReverbNation page, buy some tracks and have a gnarly good time thrashing to their epic music!

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