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Burning The Day Merch Campaign – Aussie Girls LOVE BTD !
11 Apr 2013

Blue Pie is stoked to have been given a bunch of great t-shirts and signed posters from our Canadian metal friends at Self Made Records, ‘Burning The Day’! Our marketing manager has a soft spot for all musical genres whose cultures proudly portray ‘devils horns’, and all the team at Blue Pie Records love receiving merchandise.

We had such a large amount to give away that we decided to do a bit of self-promoting! Our graphic design and marketing team-combined forces to send a copy of the Burning The Day biography with posters, guitar picks and t-shirts to some of the great ‘rock and roll’ venues and magazines along the east coast of Australia. We hope they love Burning The Day as much as we do!

Our marketing team also gave a few keen (and very lucky) metal loving ladies a free Burning The Day T-shirt, which they gladly sported on a night out! Even the cute bartender was excited to try one on! Thanks for the shirts boys!

Burning The Day gets the love from Aussie Girls!

If you would like to hear what all the hype is about, check out ‘Burning The Day’ on their official site. They have a new album and tour currently in the works!

Check out some of the pictures attached!

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