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Burning the Day rocking interview with Blue Pie!
04 Aug 2012

We have something special to share with all the fans of Burning The Day. Guitarist Matt Metcalfe recently took part in an insightful interview with Blue Pie, shedding light on what it takes to be in a heavy metal band.


To create the songs that make Burning The Day an unforgiving and relentless musical powerhouse, Matt draws upon his influences of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pantera; contributing all the riffs and song structures, while fellow guitarist Max helps with guitar leads and melodies and lays down some killer face melting solos. Vocalist Cesar Silva all the lyrics and melodies, bassist Dmitri Skribans adds his low end bass madness, and Steve Mitchell finally brings it all together with his drum parts.


When it comes to the band’s message, vocalist Cesar Silva draws upon his own experiences and uses metaphors…hoping that the rest of the world can relate to it as well.


Matt claims that Burning The Day are at the top of their game, claiming that they “are the kings of metal in T.O, and no band throws down like we do over here.” This is justifiably true given the band’s regular comparisons to the likes of Lamb of God. Furthermore, Burning The Day’s fans are loyal and willing to give it their all. In one instance Matt explains that “a fan busted his nose open off the monitor and the blood went everywhere all over my guitar but I kept playing [and] the kid also kept moshing.”


Read the full interview below, and be sure to check out the Official Myspace and Facebook pages for Burning The Day.


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