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Buy Exclusive Donna Loren T-Shirts Online!
11 Nov 2011

Fancy doing a bit of shopping? After a cool T-shirt to give your Mum for Christmas? Blue Pie artist Donna Loren has released a short run of T-shirts featuring exclusive graphics from her personal collection!

If you are not a savvy online shopper and live near New Jersey, you will be able to pick up these awesome T-shirts from the New Jersey Comic Expo this weekend!



In case you are not aware, Donna Loren was a very prolific performer in the 1960s! She was the Dr Pepper spokesperson from 1963–1968, prolific vocalist on ABC-TV’s Shindig, and a cast member of the American International Pictures Beach Party movie series.

Loren regularly performed live, and appeared on numerous variety and musical shows. She guest starred on episodic television series including Dr. Kildare, Batman, and The Monkees. In 1968, she retired to marry and raise a family. She recorded again in the 1980s and ran her own fashion business ADASA Hawaii throughout the 1990-2000s. In 2009, Loren returned to performing, and her most recent releases include the album Love It Away (2010).

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