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Calling Supporters of LIVE Music To Support "Long Live Music Campaign"
15 Oct 2009

October 2009 – Blue Pie is calling all industry supporters of LIVE music to help support the “Long Live Music Campaign” The live music industry in Victoria is under threat due to a change in Victoria’s liquor licensing laws. Venues are closing or cancelling all of their live gigs, musicians are losing employment and punters are finding fewer live music venues. The cost to our once vibrant live music industry in Victoria is massive, not just at a financial level but the social costs and the slow death of our cities culture. A Rally for the Long Live Live Music Campaign, will take place on Sunday November 1st 2009 @ The Pub in Bendigo to raise awareness, and afford stakeholders of the live music industry a voice and show of support in the effort to bring to the fore and find an antidote to the new pesticide created by the Victorian Government, that is sweeping across Victoria. In doing so, we hope to grow and become a strong voice for all in the Australian Live Music Industry. It is understood that the current situation has arisen due to the State Government is being publicly active on the issue of alcohol related violence. However such initiatives must consider all factors including the effect on all stakeholders in the music industry. It is not good enough to say that the effect on live music is “collateral damage”. Show your support and visit the site or come to the events that are planned.

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