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Celebrate Christmas with Blue Pie's holiday playlists!
29 Nov 2022

We restrained ourselves, it’s just about the end of November, and now we’re talking about Christmas! We didn’t hop on early like every retail store ever. Would you punch us if we spammed “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in our playlists? You could certainly try, but that’s not what we did. You’re welcome.

But, we did make some Christmas playlists of all kinds, ready for you to put on for ambient music needs this holiday season! We have all kinds of genres here ready for you, including a certain comedy Christmas playlist that we’ll be covering in a story soon! Check out these lists for some Christmassy vibes.

As you can see, we have all styles ready for whatever kind of listener you happen to be! And if you like this sort of thing, you may also enjoy some non Christmas playlists that we whipped up around the same time while we were perusing these parts of our catalogue. It’s the same style of music as the above, just not Christmassy. But it’s still just as golden to throw on shuffle and let it ride.

We hope you enjoy this as a little end of year gift to you, our listeners! These tracks are hand picked and we hope they help scratch an itch for you. As for the “Barking” playlists, well… while they might not work for putting on shuffle unless you feel like laughing yourself to sleep on Christmas Eve, they ought to make for some fun backing tracks in some comedy Tik Toks, especially ones concerning dogs or other animals! Or maybe you can download them and use them as ring tones. We’re sure that’ll give you some looks when your phone goes off. Looks of admiration? Sure, I guess? Who doesn’t like dogs, right? Well, we’re not responsible for what happens, put it that way. But have fun.

So until next year, enjoy these playlists, have fun shuffling and discovering artists both classic and new, and we wish you a Happy Holidays!

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