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Celebrating the legacy of Maxwell Udoh an icon of Nigerian Reggae Sounds and a groove pioneer of epic proportions !
17 May 2024

Maxwell Udoh was a transformative figure in Nigerian music culture during the 80s and 90s. Born on August 29, 1959, and passing away on December 18, 2014, his 55 years on earth left an indelible mark on the musical heritage of Nigeria. Udoh’s contributions to reggae music, and the powerful messages within his lyrics, continue to resonate with the downtrodden and the hopeful alike.

As one of the first African artists to embrace reggae music, Maxwell Udoh was a beloved pioneer whose musical quality stood the test of time.

After graduating from Oron’s Methodist Boys High School in 1980, Rasman Maxwell Udoh jumped straight into the world of reggae, guided by his uncle Patrick Peter Udoh, a professional reggae musician with The Doves Rock Band. Under Patrick’s mentorship, Maxwell honed his craft until the band’s dissolution, which set the stage for his trailblazing career.

With his band, Rasman Maxwell Udoh, and His Masses Militia Band, he rocked Nigeria with their debut album, Forward Ever, Backward Never. This album catapulted Maxwell into fame, eventually leading to his election as chairman of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria in Abia State. Maxwell’s natural musical talent and charismatic leadership were evident from a young age, and his career was a series of natural progressions that garnered him well-deserved recognition.

Blue Pie Records has played a crucial role in preserving and promoting Maxwell Udoh’s legacy, releasing several of his tracks both as standalone albums and on compilations.

His music consistently shines in their Sound Waves From Africa series, particularly in volume 26. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the most significant milestones was acquiring the rights to the vinyl and album compilation known as Late Night Tales: Khruangbin, where Maxwell Udoh is featured on track six, “I Like It (Don’t Stop)”.

Compiled by Khruangbin, Late Night Tales is a prestigious series that has included heavy hitters like Jamiroquai and Snow Patrol.  Blue Pie Records is honored to have Maxwell Udoh featured, especially considering the success he’s had on their Sound Waves From Africa compilations. Even posthumously, Maxwell remains a reggae legend, recognized as one of the best. Fans of Maxwell can take pride in his representation of Nigeria on this album.

Being featured alongside an immensely popular Kool and the Gang cover by Khruangbin is a significant accolade and a testament to Maxwell’s enduring influence. Take a listen here to the cool Late Night Tales album that features the track ” I Like it “:

Maxwell Udoh’s albums and singles are timeless classics, standing as paragons of Nigerian music. Renowned for his advocacy for social justice and as one of the first Africans to sing authentic reggae, Maxwell’s music told the story of a man larger than life, cherished both in Africa and around the world.

The incredible music in Maxwell’s catalog, helps tell the story of a remarkable artist whose legacy continues to inspire and uplift listeners globally.

Rasman Maxwell Udoh’s contributions to music and social justice are treasured, ensuring his place as a celebrated icon in the annals of music history.
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