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Chacho Soul releases rhythmic new album 'Malo Show'
02 May 2012

Chacho Soul is no new face to the music industry or the business world. Having being born the son of two drug and alcohol addicts, then living with his grandfather, a political figure at the time and business owner, he claims to have “seen it all”.


Chacho Soul started his music career at the early age of five, establishing some of his fan base through his performing of traditional music through the cities of Mexico. Up until the age of sixteen he sang professionally, after that he perfected his skills as a designer and opened up two of his own Mixed Martial Arts gyms.

Having lived so much in such a short period of time, it’s easy to see where he draws his musical inspiration from, life itself.  Soul says that his experiences have allowed him to “become an artist.”

‘Malo Show’, Chacho Soul’s newest album is an easy must have for all lovers of unrelenting dance rhythms that correspond with intense vocals and storytelling lyrics. Soul states that the combination of Spanish and English on this album “best portrays my life experience,” and that the album as a whole “takes the good with the bad and gives you a breath of fresh music.”

Check out Chacho Soul’s music now at: or myspace

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