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China is now bopping to Suga Boom Boom and DL Down3r's catalogue!
16 Sep 2020

Mr Suga Boom Boom has found a new fanbase in China! Streaming numbers indicate that a whole lotta folks in China are now bopping to Suga Boom Boom and the entirety of DL Down3rs catalogue. With stellar hits like these albums and EPs that show off the best that Down3r and his flagship song have to offer, it’s little wonder, in a way!

But even with that being said, special thanks are still owed to TENCENT for the love – as Ordior’s partner, it’s thanks to them that we’re really able to break into the Chinese market! With multimillion Spotify warriors like Down3r, they’re always looking for the new greener pastures to expand their vision and passion into. For Down3r, this is China, and TENCENT is all too happy to oblige in our collective endeavours!

Speaking of China, this technically isn’t Down3r’s first dip into the Chinese market, although his last outing was somewhat casual… but still worth talking about. Down3r has taken quite a shine to the famous Chinese app Tik Tok lately, to grace the platform with his presence. Check him out here, @therealsugaboomboom!

But what’s he been doing with his Tik Tok? Well, among other things, he’s been reacting to fan work…

@therealsugaboomboom##duet with @lashes_and_lead_changes♬ Suga Boom Boom – Down3r

…giving shoutouts…

@therealsugaboomboom Reply to @theyknowmaddi ♬ original sound – therealsugaboomboom

…and even showcasing the humanising element of his life! Superstars gotta eat too, check out his grill skill!


♬ original sound – therealsugaboomboom

Down3r’s got plenty more to come, too! This Tik Tok seems to be rather regularly updated, so if you’re a fan of seeing Down3r’s face and not just reading his text posts, well… superfans, looks like Tik Tok is the platform for you! We’ve got plenty more to look forward to – shoutouts, peeks into his life, and more! So while you’re waiting for his next update, bump that Spotify playlist LOUD, and get hype – we’re now able to live our best Down3r lives even easier now! THANK YOU CHINA AND THANK YOU TENCENT FOR CONTINUING TO MAKE ALL OF THIS AMAZING PROGRESS POSSIBLE!

So! For the few of you in the readerbase who are STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time and aren’t sure where to start, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

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