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Chris Melotti Is Giving The People What They Want
09 Feb 2013

Things have only been looking up for local Sydney DJ, Chris Melotti since the release of his video for ‘Give The People What They Want’ last month. The song has been featured on the television show DJ Central which reaches millions of homes across the globe each week and ‘Give The People What They Want’ has now also reached over 1200 views on the DJ Central YouTube channel.



The video for this song addresses the important global issue of poverty whilst using the juxtaposition of the glamour and beauty of the dance music culture. It’s good to see an artist from the dance music scene bring such issues to light because while we are out partying, it’s easy for us to forget that there are millions of people across the globe in need.


To view the video of Chris Melotti’s song ‘Give The People What They Want’, visit the DJ Central YouTube channel and for more info on Chris Melotti, visit his official website:

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