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Chris Melotti Releases New Hit Single Ft. Sabrina Fustaire – 'Don’t Let Me Go' !
04 Apr 2013

The hot new single from Chris Melotti featuring Sabrina Fustaire is titled, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ and is out now on iTunes for the world to see!

Chris Melotti’s down tempo dance track is sure to make crave more, and features the incredible vocal talent of Sabrina Fustaire. Chris has produced yet another gem.

Working alongside producers ‘Chris Garcia’ and ‘Damien Reilly’ with the mixing and master from none other than the Maestro himself, ‘Mr. Tom Polce’, Chris brings together a superstar team to create another slamming hit.

This track is out now on iTunes for the human race to enjoy! Play this one loud and whenever you want to get your DJ ‘mojo’ happening!

Have a sneek peek for yourself – we guarantee you won’t be able to stop listening to Chris Melotti!

For all the latest news on Chris Melotti please visit his official website below:

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