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Christmas Special "Hot Santa" From Nelly Levon Of The Devyl Nellys
26 Oct 2011

The brand new holiday single “Hot Santa” by Nelly Levon is now available to listen to on The Devyl Nellys Facebook.

Blue Pie is super pumped for the release; the song is so much fun and really gets you into this Christmas spirit.

“Hot Santa” will be available on iTunes Worldwide, My Space Music, Amazon MP3 Worldwide, I Heart Radio, E-Music World, Zune, Nokia Music Store, Verve Life, Rhapsody, La La Music, Last.FM and over 200 other places!

About the Devyl Nellys:

Raised in households where a myriad of music was played and appreciated, from Pink Floyd to The Allmans and Chuck Berry to Joao Gilberto, it comes as no surprise these artists create such diverse tracks. All having been introduced to pianos and drums in the grade school years, they acquired their addictions early on to the creative process and performing craft. Through a series of mutual crossroads in the Catskills and New York while supporting others, Government Mule and The Violent Femmes, these musicians met and formed their own project The Devyl Nellys.

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