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Clothing Line and Album in the works for Brigitte Stolk.
03 Sep 2012

Blue Pie are excited to announce upcoming news for Pop-Queen Brigitte Stolk.


A true fashionista at heart, Brigitte is collaborating with a young Belgian designer on a clothing line! The collection will showcase a mix of African and occidental culture, uniting “different worlds” in a beautiful way.


Brigitte is also working on a new album to compliment the clothing line, the central idea also based on the theme of uniting “different worlds” More information on the production of the collection and album will soon be available.


French TV channel “Just 4 Talent” has been playing two of Brigitte’s clips and will continue to while viewers and fans are voting! Be sure to continue sending in those votes to support Brigitte and her amazing talent! You can view both clips on YouTube via Artist Factory Network and Just 4 Talent.


Brigitte has also been working with bassist, DJ/Producer, Shaun Cronin on a Trip-Hop influenced project. For more information, visit Harpy Listens.


Brigitte has two shows coming up in Europe, so be sure to check out our Gig Guide for the dates and locations. For more information on Brigitte Stolk, be sure to check out her Official Website.


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