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Cold Forty Three join the Rustin Records roster, release "Pop Drunk" album and will be out on Blue Pie for the world !
29 Nov 2013

Cold Forty Three join the Rustin Records roster, release “Pop Drunk” album and will be out on Blue Pie for the world !

COLD FORTY THREE, Los Angeles Native Pop-Punk trio, arrived on the scene in 2010 in a way that was seldom seen by even the most seasoned touring professionals. Check out the bands new video clip” Hunder Dollar Bail” below:

Joshua Cruz, Moses Cruz, and Ricky James Acosta believed that hard-work, determination and all out guerrilla marketing was the only way to achieve thier success. In 2008 Cold Forty Three began touring the United States with over 200+ live …performances while gaining additional exposure being Featured on: MTV’s Production, Fuse TV “Rock Bottom Bands”.

2009 CFT brought forth their Debut album,” From The Garage to Your Speakers” selling over 10000 self distributed and self promoted units. Soon after units were moving CFT shot the video for their single “It Comes Back Down To Me” which has acquired over 47,000 organic veiws. During summer of ’09 Cold Forty Three decided to route with Warped Tour and continue to sell their albums & expose their music by getting close and personal with music lovers of the Warped Tour that soon became new fans of Cold Forty Three. During the routing of the Vans Warped Tour Campaign Cold Forty Three did double the work by taking on nightly performances in cities where the Vans Warped Tour was held by playing live gigs to gain an even broader fan base to the area and going as far as tapping into the youth market with live performances at local malls with the “Shockhound” showcase created “Hot Topic” stores to promote original music.

2010 began in January gigging in multiple states. By March of 2010, Austin’s SXSW festival had caught the eye of Cold Forty Three. Determined they would catch the eyes of SXSW, CFT set out to do campaigning and networking, without expectations of performances, due to being new at the festival. However, new or not, Cold Forty Three scored a large promotional performance on the Red Gorilla Stage for SXSW that year, which hosted both TV, Blog, and Radio spots.

By April of 2010 CFT now had acquired an original fan base from previous tours & continued building a fan base that has grown with each passing month by playing previous cities and new cities, gaining new fans throughout the country.

In June 2010 CFT had found much success with routing & campaigning with Warped Tour and the band set a goal to do whatever it took to play a least once on the tour. Every year invitations are sent out & options of contest entry are held for performance spots for Warped Tour to help incorperate new artists to the festival. With no invitation, nor a contest entered or won, Cold Forty Three got their break and achieved their goal on their own terms (hard-work) and hit the tour officially July 28, 2010 by playing the Ernie Ball stage for the Vans Warped tour, where they continued performances during the tour in OH, MN, KS, & OR.

After the Vans Warped Tour had come to a close Cold Forty Three hit the studio recording their 2nd album “Pop Drunk” with producer Tomas Costanza of Killingsworth Records from September through January. During January through March of 2011 CFT did a modest tour, but spent the majority of their time working on viral marketing, networking, and adding new online exposure to their music.

March 2011 CFT participated at the annual SXSW in Austin Texas to rave reviews with performance spots during the festival. 2011 yeilding great opportunity with a direct invite to participate on the entire Vans Warped Tour. 44 shows total the entire Vans Warped Tour Festival & 44 shows had Cold Forty Three rocking out full time on the Ernie Ball stage performing for over 15,000 people. This gave great opportunity for Cold Forty Three to develope their sound for their fans and for large stage performances.

2012 Cold Forty Three will embark on a North American Tour “The End of The World Tour” featuring two opening acts that will cover US & Cananda. “The End of The World Tour” starts in March and goes through May with over 55+ shows to be played.

In the Summer of 2012, CFT was again included on The Vans Warped Tour, for the entire summer. They we’re able to sell over 8000 albums and further solidify their fan base across the country. CFT was also included on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour compilation. The album reached number 47 on The BillBoard charts.

After Warped Tour the band decided that they needed to focus on putting out their 3rd album, was a major priority, and the band decided that they would put on hold, touring in 2013, so that they may completly focus on writing the best album, they possibly could. In Oct, of 2013, CFT finally was able to finish a long, and overdue music video, for their song ” Hundred Dollar Bail”, which was a great success on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour Compilation. It will be released in Mid November, and the band, has also agreed to join independent label, Rustin Records, which will release the bands third album as well as a re-release of Pop-Drunk in Australia, with Blue Pie Distribution.

The band will resume touring in early 2014.

The bands new ” Pop Drunk Album” will be out now on Blue PIe Records and Rustin Records for the world on iTunes by 15th December. You can check out the bands killer new video clip above and see what all the heat and attention is all about with some reall home grown LA Punk Rock from one of the best “COLD FORT THREE”

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