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Coldplay and the death of streaming?
03 Nov 2011

We found an article in The Music Network magazine about Coldplay’s decision to release their new album only on CD, not digitally we thought you might be interested in.

Here’s a little taste of the article:

Coldplay’s decision to hold their new album, Mylo Xyloto, from all streaming services was one that record label EMI was reportedly uncomfortable with; but first week sales suggest it was a winning strategy that now hangs a question mark over the place of streaming for blockbuster releases.

There are precedents here. Acts like Bob Dylan pulled their music from Spotify several years ago, a number of heavy metal labels recently pulled their content amid complaints over streaming rates, The Beatles have yet to license digitally beyond iTunes and AC/DC point blank refuse to go on any digital services and yet, with their 2008 release Black Ice, had their biggest selling album in over two decades.

In the UK alone, the new Coldplay album had the biggest first week for digital album sales in chart history (admittedly that is a ‘history’ that only dates back to 2004). Mylo Xyloto sold 83,000 copies digitally and 208,000 in total in its first week according to the Official Charts Company. The previous UK digital record was held by Take That’s Progress album in 2010 (79,8000 copies in week one) while Adele’s 21 did 76,000 downloads in its first week at the start of this year. Impressive figures, but behind the chart records lies another – more complex – tale entirely…


To read the whole article go HERE!

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