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Come Home to Key Loch's latest milestone! Plays are booming on Spotify!
22 Mar 2021

Lately we’ve been giving Key Loch’s Where Is The Love a fair share of deserved attention. After all, it’s seen 200K plays! But Come Home To Me is also slugging away, and we haven’t even pitched it to radio networks properly yet! Despite this, it’s garnered 8K plays across all platforms. Now that’s when you know that a song is bound for success, when it just snowballs of its own natural accord like that! Given the quality of the music and the message behind this song, it’s little wonder that this has happened. This track is an emotional story about a husband that has been sent off to war, with his wife pining for his return. “Come home to me”, come back alive, come back safe. It’s a heartfelt scenario that cuts deep and pulls no punches. Avery May Parker once again knocked it out of the park with her vocals, and alongside Damien Reilly’s and Justin Gross’ incredible production, we think that this track was a recipe for success from the start.

Nostalgia and homebound emotions are clear themes here, especially with the war motif. Key Loch are bringing back heartfelt music, and while the simple fun of dance music has its place, it needs balance to be truly special. That’s why Key Loch are perfect in this niche. They know what the music world needs more of today, and are here to deliver that in spades… by bringing us home to stability, emotional expression, and a passionate message behind every single part of this song. It’s the sort of song that demands you appreciate it, listen more than just once, and let it mull over in your mind. You’ll be surprised at the avenues it’ll take you down, but in the end, it’ll take you back home.

Key Loch are making a name for themselves in the music world with hits like this, and it’s only a matter of time before this song becomes just as popular as their smash hit Where Is The Love! Come home to Key Loch and let yourself get lost in relaxation and pure, passionate emotion.

Key Loch are a Blue Pie Records USA artist published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world. For more information on Key Loch you can visit their website at or check out where it all began for Damien and Justin at Southpaw |

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