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Concerthouse, Jessy Tomsko and the Pie!
05 Nov 2011

Blue Pie CEO, Damien Reilly (on his current trip to US) met up with one amazing artist on the Concerthouse Label, Jessy Tomsko. Jessy Tomsko did an intimate acoustic performance in front of Damien and Steven Ray, leaving them shellshocked by her phenomenal talent. Damien is certain that Jessy will be the next big thing to come out of North America! Stay tuned, because she is bound to make waves very shortly!

We have been working very closely with Ross Tonkin of Concerthouse Music to help them develop their business and roster of amazing artists. We have done a complete overhaul of the label with the creation of an amazing new website and their other online infrastructure.

Check it out at

Here is what Concerthouse Music CEO, Ross Tonkin had to say about us:

“I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Blue Pie Records. We regularly have business development meetings with Artists in need of a high profile major label look web/social sites. Branding is thoroughly brainstormed often with an extremely quick completion. Within days of bringing a left of center act to the table, Damien had assembled his team of business experts who have had major business achievements in finance and corporate dealings. This is a key part of this business. In short Earth And The Next Society with a new classic rock sound are on the way to being a highly visible act throughout the US and eventually going international. I brought the act to the table but what an amazing plan to team the band with lifestyle marketing.
Blue Pie is set up like the majors, with multiple departments and 22 employees . Most are real music people with business acumen as opposed to the old way of hiring business grads to man the fort .
We have had a major turn around in our business. Our label is pretty much a turnkey operation, allowing us to focus on signing Artists, assisting in promotions and booking them. This new model of doing business is immediately successful and a welcome relief from getting approval from gatekeepers who often are disinterested in amazing music.
I encourage you to get on board with Damien and the crew to revolutionize your growth”
Check out Jessy Tomsko’s other Videos on her Youtube Channel
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