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Concerthouse Music Joins the Blue Pie Label Roster !
17 Mar 2011

Blue Pie is proud to announce that Concerthouse Music have joined our label roster. Blue Pie will be distributing the labels catalogue for the world. The label has an impressive roster and our license teams can not wait to start seeking film and TV placements.


Concerthouse Music deals with all things necessary for emerging artists and that includes; music promotion, licensing, management, distribution, publicity and other very useful music resources.

Concerthouse Music was founded by Ross Tonkin, who had the dream and purpose to promote the careers of new artists. Mr Tonkin himself is an experienced artist, agent, manager and producer, and has been in the music industry for a respectable number of years.

Ross has worked with some of the world’s best producers and artists including U2, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Patti Labelle, Gordon Lightfoot, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey.

We are very excited to be working in this partnership with Concerthouse Music. More great musical accomplishments to come!

To see what they are all about just head to their website at The site us currently under construction, but will be live and pumpin’ with some great new pages by May 2011. The Team at Magic Blue Creative are building the site)


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