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Cosmic Nomads on Rotation
13 Dec 2011

“They Deliver One Hell Of A Live Show!” – Inpress Magazine

Ray Vanderby’s Cosmic Nomads album; Damage is receiving airplay on Sydney’s FBi 94.5 fm radio station. Milky Way Love the opening track from the new album was recently featured on Tim Sharp’s The Bridge.

Other astral alternative jams from the Damage record have been gaining momentum with radio stations including: Fbi, B-Rock, Bay FM, 3CR, 2OCB, 2MCE, Nim FM, Midoztouch, 2MCR FM, 2CHR FM, SYN FM and Tecka’s Tracks Show on HOT FM syndicating to over 100 radio stations across Australia.

The band is currently preparing for tour dates beginning January 2012, for further details and more information head to their website.

Cosmic Nomads new album Damage and single I Hate You now available on iTunes

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